HTC Wants to Get 10% of The Smartphone Market with The New One and Desires

We have little doubt that the new HTC One M8 will work well in the market, the problem you have in the rest of the catalogue – on more affordable steps – where they are making efforts to have a more attractive range, and we hope that at best price.

HTC enthusiasm is palpable, in their statements in different media aims at the recovery, even speaks of that you could get a share of world market that moves between 8 and 10%. It’s own CEO, Peter Chou, which puts that goal. Now part of a less than 5% market share.

They talk of doubling market share from one year to another, complicated task

In the development of a new range of Desires is engaged own Peter Chou, among which we have already met the Desire 816, 610, 310 or 616. It has backed hardware both Qualcomm and MediaTek, and models especially designed for China.

The idea is the of weapons with which to fight with names such as ZTE, Huawei and Lenovo, which sell affordable Android smartphones like hotcakes. Another field of action that must open is the tablets, and the wearables, but that will take place when the time is appropriate.

Indeed, in recent weeks it has been rumored that Google could have chosen to HTC to create your next tablet Nexus, a model of 8.9 inches, which we could see in June. With respect to Android Wear devices, there will be material by HTC throughout the year.