HTC Supreme Will Be The Next Ship HTC Logo

New speculations have been moved by the network under a new release the Taiwanese company HTC, and is that it has filtered from Europe that the new ship would be company logo HTC Supreme and it will be ready to be presented in the coming weeks.

As it seems, and this they point to various sources, HTC Supreme would be the final name that would take the formerly known as HTC Edge, which we talked about earlier.

Seems to confirm that this new Supreme HTC will be released with a quad – core processor 1.5 GHz, and it will have a display of 4.7 inch with HD resolution 720 p, specification that appears to be standardized for the high end of the next year.

Still There are no more details about this new terminal, nor dates or launch, nor the markets that will come. Even so, it is presumably a global launch for a terminal of these characteristics, which at the moment only confirmed his name and minimal technical specifications.

What is most striking is precisely this, the confirmation of his name as HTC Supreme, which leads us to think directly in a high-end terminal, probably the flagship the Taiwanese company for next year.