HTC Rezound Will Recharge Your Battery without Cables

The HTC Rezound It will be the youngest terminal of the prolific range having the Taiwanese from HTC with Android market. It is a terminal that initially it seems that You can only reach lands us with Verizon, and according to rumors the does not take much to be presented.

The first data talk about LTE connectivity and a large display 4.3 inches with HD resolution 720 p (1280 × 729 pixels). However, that perhaps will be the Note distinctive of HTC Rezound, became known thanks to the fact that the terminal has already complied with its legal requirements through controls of the FCC, where it has transpired that the terminal You can recharge your battery without cables.

According to reports of the Federal Communications Commission, the HTC Rezound (PH98100) mounted a back cover allowing the load without the battery cables, in the purest of which had the Palm Pre as an option. What we don’t know is if it will in this case be the cover series or an accessory I will have to acquire to part.

Is expected to the Verizon operator announce the terminal next week, so we just have to wait out of doubt, and also is expected to start its sale a few days after the presentation. In fact, shuffle is already the November 10 as estimated date, and says that it will have a suggested price of $299 with contract.