HTC Revenues Still in Free Fall, with a Greater Than 50% Decline

No one will miss at this point in a few bad economic data of HTC. Its lower noise in the mobile phone market after years in which was one of the manufacturers star, is causing that month after month its sales remain down and worse, No appearance that can be traced back to the flight waiting for the presentation of its new flagship, HTC 10.

The Taiwanese brand let us see every month a photo of their situation, with the publication of their income, and the February since then have not been nothing good: 117 million euros, representing a decrease of 55% compared to the same month of last year or a 35% compared to January, a bad month usually.

HTC monthly income
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As seen in the above chart, the path of HTC is not anything good. Only October and November gave a breather to the manufacturer, which jabbed more than in December, the month that is supposed to more sales of mobile phones are produced. The strategy of limiting new releases, major novelty was One A9 in October, seems to not be working.

HTC continues to have terminals away from the more expensive, but it is also true that at least in Spain each time it is harder to find their terminals in stores. With this background it seems that HTC 10 will be decisive in the future of the brand in the world of smartphones, which fortunately seems to be leaving a good impression in the world of virtual reality with his live HTC.