HTC One A9: in the Us It Costs Less and Gives More, But Deliveries Are Late

HTC One A9 is the device on which the taiwanese manufacturer is pointing to more in the remainder of this year, waiting for the successor of One M9 that won’t arrive before 2016. The deployment process of the smartphone, however, has experienced ups and downs.

European users, for example, could not but notice that the model marketed in our country is equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, unlike the us version which has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage; the other big difference is the price. The launch campaign of the Terminal in the States allowed the pre-order it at the price of $ 399, until 7 November, a figure that was later raised to $ 499. In Italy it costs 649 euros (street price).

The American audience has been really lucky? Yes, provided you take into account waiting periods that may not be properly contained, especially for users interested in target a operator. A concerned Android Police report highlights several elements of improvement of the launch campaign:

  • HTC has sent an email to customers who had ordered the silver version and grey informing her that deliveries will start after the date of 6 November. Some shipments will be made starting from tomorrow (November 10), for others the date has not yet been confirmed.
  • The versions with red and gold, as announced at the launch, were not immediately available. The pages for pre-orders, however, did not initiallymention of that fact, so they are not missed who pre-ordered those templates without knowing that the delivery date was later than the One A9 silver and grey.
  • The gold version will be delivered no sooner than the end of the month, while the red starting from mid-December (valid information for the us market-to be confirmed for that)
  • The model intended for telephone operator Verizion-which was to be initially delivered after 6 November-will not be available before the end of this year. The date was shifted generically to 2016
  • Sprint models available without contractual links will be available in late November in silver and gray version, in mid-December in red and gold.

To make a long story short, the grass seemed greener than ours-and indeed almost the is for users who are willingly accepting a different delivery time than was originally reported–but the hitches that have characterised the start of distribution will certainly not benefit the taiwanese manufacturer. The lowest price compared to the European market can turn a blind eye, meanwhile, as mentioned a few days ago, One A9 arrived in early Italian store without difficulty except that represented by a figure well above the current $ 499 foreseen in the States.