HTC One A9 And Co.: Google Camera Receives Update 6.0 Marshmallow For Android

HTC One A9 And Co Google Camera Receives Update 6.0 Marshmallow For Android

Major update for Google camera: the photo app for Android Gets an update to version 3.1. Thus, the application gets a new user interface, which already 5 X 6 p and the nexus is found on the nexus – only on Smartphones that Marshmallow is already running with Android 6.0.

Therefore, the update of Google camera, for example, to owners of the HTC one A9, which is equipped from the factory with Android 6.0 Marshmallow aimed. With the revised UI to be as much easier to change within the app between photo and video mode, reports AndroidAuthority. To switch to video mode, you must wipe only in the Preview on the screen to the right. To enter the photo mode, the same gesture in the other direction is sufficient.

Common Features More Accessible

Also enable or disable certain features should be easier with version 3.1 of the Google camera. These include, for example, the Flash, the timer for the self-timer, and the HDR +-mode. In the future, all other modes, such as for example sphere or panorama, can be called via a so-called “Hamburger menu” which is located on the left side of the preview screen.

However, not all features are integrated into the new version of Google camera, which are already finding 5 X and the nexus 6 p on the nexus. So, for example, the slow motion mode or burst mode with the update firstly not on devices such as the HTC one A9 is available. Is to be hoped that these functions with a future update will be delivered. The rollout should begin now, so you should find the new version of Google camera in the near future in the Google play store.