HTC One A9 Already Appears in Listings of Benchmarks and Hurries Arrival for The 29th of September

We know that HTC will have presentation September 29, and the same day there is speculation that it will present new phones. Interestingly the same day of the event to meet the new Nexus, so… two for one.

Of HTC, who are not experiencing its best moment, we know that they prepare ‘Aero’, a phone with chip MediaTek helium X 20 ten-core and a new spin on the design to make it more attractive. This model appears in listings of benchmarks, where in addition to the respective results – very promising – we also have many details on its characteristics.

First, the scores: 5.884 and 1,835 points in single – core and multi – core, respectively, figures that match seen in recent months and that they would to helium X 20 as one of the best SoC of the market. By way of comparison, Tegra K1 arrives at 1.890 points and Exynos 7420 manages approximately 1,300 single – core; in multi – core differences are even larger Exynos 7420 over 4,300 points and the Tegra K1 in the 3,300.

Ten nuclei appear to be working, but obviously a smartphone is not just SoC. Among the features revealed by the benchmark are OS (Android 5.1.1), the SoC architecture (ARM of 64-bit with ten cores to 1.96 GHz.) and RAM, 4 GB. The results were sent to platform on 8 September, but already they are not available publicly.

To view these data as everything what is been said the HTC One A9 in recent weeks, It seems that we we have a great phone that of course you can put things difficult competition. However, the great rival of HTC is itself: the company is in a tremendously difficult time, off and the community and the users already do not have it.