HTC O2, New Terminal at The Sight. The Revolution That Need HTC? Not What It Seems

HTC continues to pass bad times and for this reason by what they have in mind some important changes in its range of smartphones, with a new line of design. That information may converge with the rumors of HTC O2, a new terminal He started to appear some data.

Rumors, which as always we have to treat as such. Born in Mobile-Dad and ensure that HTC O2 -nothing to do with the British carrier; some media named him as One M10 – will be their new flagship for 2016. A phone with a terribly powerful specifications and will be available in two models with two sizes, 5 to 6 inches, that would have a basis in common although some slightly different characteristics.

Both one and another would based its strength in 820 Snapdragon Qualcomm processor, something logical bearing in mind that HTC has relied on the US company the SoCs of all its recent flagships, but that collides with the rumors that talked about that you begin to use MediaTek. Apart from the SoC, both a model and the other incorporated 4 GB memory RAM, rear camera of 20.7 megapixel and 5 front, and speculates with the use of screens 2K. In addition, for small there would also be panel 4K option, which sounds like a much stranger if we take into account that the current panel only 4 K of the market is 5.5 inches, the manufactured by Sharp.

According to Mobile-Dad, the design of this HTC O2 would have very few changes with regard to what we know with the previous One, the series ‘m’ and that has been maintained for three generations (m7, m8 and the m9 more recent). And it is precisely the design one of the things that a manufacturer must vary to give another image on their phones. HTC needs to change and walk in the other direction, or otherwise its course will continue to create losses.

No change apparent

But not only the design. The idea of integrating processors MediaTek and give a chance to the helium 20 X – having a great pint – is attractive and help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Samsung, for example, already cleared of Qualcomm with their Exynos and went well the move. If HTC bets for the Snapdragon 820, besides being the predictable option and that the world expects, will keep his last plus guided characteristics line will continue to be a tremendously expensive terminal.

It makes no sense that HTC compete in the price of the Samsung Galaxy range, currently the Kings in the Android market in the high-end. If they can lower the bar, albeit base trim features, they may have a good chance to recover. Unfortunately it does not seem that this will be so.

Obviously is still very early and We are a few months that the O2/One M10 reach the market. Until then – planned in late 2015 or early 2016, rather will be this second date to coincide with the launch of the Snapdragon 820 – continue rumors surrounding us on all sides, and also advancing, adjusting and making characteristics which by now are nothing more than an outline of what truly is the next generation of smartphones from HTC.