HTC Maintains Its Trend: New Results Q1 2015 Positive Financial

Reuters anticipates the financial results for HTC, waiting for an official publication of face to the month of may after the relevant phase of the audit. In the latest report of Q4 2014 already mentioned the good trend of the Taiwanese company that now returns to keep up with the new year: according to Reuters, HTC will get a profit of $ 11.6 million During these three months of 2015, with a revenue of 1,340 million dollars in the same period (by the 1.524 or 1,370 million in Q3 and Q4 of 2014, respectively).

Guilt of the HTC One M9? Or much less, taking into account that has been for sale precisely on April 1. In the absence of details seems to HTC One M8 liked as smartphone in 2014, and gained positions with a more attractive price months after your presentation.

If these data are confirmed HTC will start in 2015 with positive trend. A year in which not only One M9 will have the leading role, also the One M8s as a product of similar design but more nuanced, or course characteristics new markets that HTC is testing as for example the of virtual reality with live HTC developed together with Valve.

Maybe for a year so positive HTC as the past 2014 2015? Obviously we can not assure anything, but the start is good. We hope that these data filtered by Reuters to confirm officially to then get to know all the details.