HTC Have a New Great Product in October to Arrange Your (An Once Again) Wrong Year

When we look at the HTC One M9 we saw that in General was a great terminal. Enough to be a best seller? Unfortunately HTC has not been, and in fact it is not his best year.

And was not up to such an extent that, according to reveals Taipei Times, the CEO of the company Cher Wang has apologized to investors in one of its periodic financial meetings. To counter the March and return to the path of victory, has also ensured that they will soon return to put machinery in motion with changes which both consist of applying new forms of marketing such as to launch a new product ‘Hero’ in the month of October.

This “hero product” will result in the release of a terminal which is much talk, being a hype machine between the community. Does not arise that a vessel is higher than the M9 logo, but a different product in many ways, maybe – hopefully – innovator and breaker.

HTC has to put the batteries

Details on it? None. What is clear is that HTC needs to reinvent itself and make something new. If you look at your listing on stock exchange we will see that from 2011 they have done no more than fall and with great speed, going from more than 1,300 dollars it was priced that in April 2011 to the less than $100 today.

We don’t know if the track to HTC is to seek that reinvention, something that often works but no longer be risky. Another option is to go to another part of the market with less rivalry and take advantage to differentiate themselves: good example of this is the new HTC One ME, a brutal phone in terms of features that opts for a MediaTek helium 10 X instead of the more usual line in these ranges, the Snapdragon.