HTC Avoids Delays in Their Updates Caused by Operators Fragmenting 6 Sense in Google Play

A fantastic news. HTC has found an effective way of avoiding that updates that released for their smartphones available with delay for its users. Operators usually require manufacturers to allow them to review their updates before you put them at the disposal of the users, which often cause a very unwelcome lag, especially when the improvements are important.

The hardest hit by this way of proceeding are, of course, the users. But our smartphone manufacturer also unsuccessful as it may be in the wrong place to your customers, perhaps undeserved way. But HTC has found ways to prevent it: fragmenting the components of your software Sense 6 and distributing them through Google Play.

This so ingenious solution will allow the Taiwanese company distribute their updates directly via the Google applications store, which will prevent that third party can intervene, and will allow them to put at the disposal of its smartphone users the latest revisions of their software without being forced to endure any time lag.

This policy updates will also benefit users of the terminals that HTC launched in 2013 due to the fact that throughout the month of April the company published Sense 6 also for these smartphones. Without a doubt, great news that allows us to glimpse an effective way to solve one of the problems arising from the fragmentation of Android. We hope that other manufacturers take good note and also find a way of getting its updates much before to users.