HTC ‘Aero’ Prepares for End of Year, a New Design for Its Second Vessel 2015 Logo

Quizá HTC Aero, name the code with which you are defining a new future terminal of HTC, is that WF5w that we talked about, but specifications that arise for ‘Aero’ are somewhat different. It would be its new flagship for end of 2015.

A phone that is necessary to maintain the positive trends that have started the year, and that it will help them to close the gap with its competitors. HTC Aero begin to speculate some characteristics, and they are running to be outstanding: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, QHD display and an upper Chamber that we have seen in the current One M9.

Precisely One M9 could be part of the culprit of this second flagship of the year for HTC: its sales have not been as good as who would like, and HTC need a new phone capable of bringing back the Taiwanese company to the top of the market. Trim space rivals, where should to fight for third place with other titans of industry as LG, ASUS, Lenovo, Xiaomi or others. A key, as always, the price of the terminal, something that HTC has failed to take care of in their last generations as many would like to.

We do not know if HTC Aero will be One M10, or if the company will find a name that allows them to start a new phase in its history. Both the final characteristics and design – which perhaps we of a filtration of the WF5w idea – they are unknown, but we should not take long to know all the details: If HTC wants to put it on sale in the month of October, as there is speculation, surely we know a few weeks before within IFA 2015, this year will be held from September 4.