{How to Use}-1 2:00 PM Shoulder Bag in Fanny Pack

You know that I love to talk about, but I like to give tips for timeless and versatile products, which may have several functions inside the closet of any woman, regardless of style and body type. Today I will show how a shoulder bag, can become a beautiful, stylish and modern Fanny Pack, none of the references of the years 90 sports clutches.

The  BINARI, who has appeared  here  in other posts talking about versatility, has a tag with timeless and modern concept, nothing more current and suitable for women today aren’t you? This bag is the model Monaco, new brand that is beautiful, super practical and as you can see I got very different ways of use.


Traditional tow, not as traditional as well, but super comfortable because it leaves your hands free. Combined with a casual look, with t-shirts, shorts, blazer and leather boots over the knee kind of sneakers, half flatform, i.e. that look super style and with all you have in the cupboard. Super friendly!

Transverse Monaco yellow bag


Feared or loved. I got the same purse only of different color and handle in the passband of a pair of pants with waist high. As the handle is flexible and holds super easy no trouble get and put and I found a charm. Combined with clochard pants, super high now, mule and pregnant long chemisette, plain and simple, a casual alfataria and comfy. How about? Would they use?

Monaco Black Cross Handbag

Which of the two looks you like more? Use it just like Fanny Pack? Tell me, I really want to know.

Big kiss,