How To Choose Toys Sure To Avoid Eye Injury

One of every three children who attend a settlement of optics presents Visual discomfort as a result of the use of video games.

One of every three children who attend a settlement of optics presents Visual discomfort as a result of the use of video games. But the dangers not only pass through the excessive use of these devices, but that in the market there are many toys that do not meet safety regulations remind the Vega ophthalmological Institute specialists.

Symptoms that usually appear are itchy eyes, watery eyes, headaches, flushing and visual fatigue, detailed sources of the College of opticians Optometrists of Valencia (COOCV).

In relation to visual health recent studies point out that video games can be very positive for the development of the vision of the little ones because they allow to improve the contrast sensitivity, as well as that children develop a more complete visual spatial memory and that they perceive Visual stimuli faster.

Video games also help to improve the ability of concentration of children and contribute to develop the reflexes and hand-eye coordination to do faster.However, the COOCV has pointed out that these benefits “do not imply that the child may be playing video games without limitation, since children under 12 years old should not play more than 30 minutes a day, while the elderly can play up to one hour a day”. And it is that “excessive use can lead to health problems and accommodation of the eye, which can lead to nearsightedness in adulthood”.

They are also considered “very important” that the children practice their video games on television, since this allows the distance between the screen and your eyes to be greater than if play on other devices like game consoles, portable or mobile.

In this sense, the school of optometry of Andalusia (COOOA) wanted to influence on “the number of hours passing children watching TV and that is increased by Christmas and can increase the risk of eyestrain or myopia”. In addition to these disadvantages may be aggravated if children already have Visual defects.

The continued use of electronic devices like TV, mobile phones or tablets, among others, “affects children causing symptoms such as irritation and eye redness, as well as migraines, fatigue and eyestrain, which could be reflected in the academic performance”.

Dangerous toys

On the other hand, the COOCV has warned that there are toys like rifles, bows or guns throwing projectiles that can cause eye injury. Sometimes, these injuries require that children undergo eye surgery. So if your child does have an eye injury as a result of a toy, should immediately go to an ophthalmologist.

In addition, has urged parents to you extreme precautions when buying toys that present “lenses or mirrors that can focus light as magnifiers, telescopes, microscopes or binoculars, since they can lead to nearsightedness in adulthood”.

Smart toy buying tips:

-Do not buy toys with sharp, outstanding parts or that can be triggered.

-Make sure that children have appropriate supervision when using toys that may cause eye injury.

-In addition to the equipment for the sport, give children goggles suitable with polycarbonate lenses.

-Read the label to see the age recommendations and be sure to select gifts that are suitable.

-Keep the toys that are designed for older children away from younger children.

Electronic reading devices

In the case of acquiring electronic devices such as Christmas gifts, such as graphics tablets and e-books, opticians recommend the eBook option “with the technology of electronic ink and not by LCD screens, especially if your use will be primarily intended for reading”, explained from the COOOA.

It’s a system that mimics the ink that prints a book current, capable of displaying up to 16 different grey tones. This technology, they argue, “brings the user to an experience similar to the paper, while it facilitates reading and reduces the strain of long-wearing eye”.