How Do I Style An Art Nouveau Blouse And A Dermatologist With Laser Sword

I thank you very much for your feedback on the question, tips or not. I think most see it the way I do. Actually, an online consultation, without knowing anything about you, is not feasible.

 Nevertheless, I try to include a section with advice. Just how exactly, I do not know yet. There will already be something for me, for which I now say: Who wants to be beautiful must suffer. That would not have you thought… O 🙂 So that is… and also, if this wisdom may be ancient – it seems to me absolutely timely. Earlier, this saying was more about tight-laced bodices and strengthened fabrics, since I am a bit glad that times have changed. But today’s Dirndl are quite comparable to it and during the Gründerzeit, the so-called “Tournürenmode” was difficult and my Jugendstilbluse fits the thematic full. That’s what I say!

So today is about: How do I wear a Jugendstilbluse in 2016-but only after I have you my current beauty story, around the ears have. So, who wants to be beautiful…. Bli blu bl This saying does not come by chance and starts with the mundane eyebrows. We do not have to put on a breed, thanks to Cara Delevingne, no, controlled wilds are the brewing motto. The only ones that can not be wild and full-bodied enough are the eyelashes. It is glued and sewn, what keeps the stuff. Curious, as I am, I would like to try it. Hello… is here someone who has tips for me? But otherwise, any facial hair should be from the field-best to never again.

As Many As Candles On The Cake

Shaved, plucked, waxed and flashed, so that the uninvited hair follicles may come back somewhere else. But where I write, the hair is not my problem. That is, the older I become, the more impossible the places where I may welcome the stubborn contemporaries.Nevertheless, my topic is today the fibroma. With these, no less uninvited guests, I have been able to beat myself since my puberty, and with every year of life come as many as I would have candles on the cake. If the still there would fit… Moment-a tin cake-as it might still be. In any case, the fibroma nerves me tremendously-I prefer it to my neck and stay really often and gladly with jewelry or my clothes hang on it.

The Dermatologist With A Laser Sword

That is why I decided to visit Luke Skywalker once a year. This is my dermatologist with his laser device. He definitely belongs to the good side of the power, as long as one can assert that dermatologists can do it, and reads like crazy all the fibromas in the way of the surplus skin nirvana. Unfortunately, these are really many and because this makes little sense with an anesthetic, I leave the procedure without local anesthesia about me. This alone is nasty-but at least quickly over. The next thing is the really bad part. The whole burnt spots are covered with a special patch, so my neck looks like the turtle Morla from the “Infinite Story”. Unfortunate or fortunately, the pavement is transparent… and beside the wrinkled bagpipes one has free sight-cautiously-bloody burns.

Who Wants To Be Beautiful Must Suffer

As if that was still not enough… it allches the same crazy way. This wound dressing is supposed to decorate my neck for five days.Which is almost impossible anyway. If the hatch would know how often I turn my swan neck, he would not have said it… tztztz… But all this is still not the worst.. The worst is for me namely the smell… “million” small burns, a pavement, 5 days and a very sensitive smell.I tell you, this can not go well. (Memo to me: Think well, if you want to do the next year again, just think of the fear sweat, the turtle, the smell and the coal rather in ne g’scheite leatherjacke.) So it is also true 2016 Without a bodice and a three-meter-wig on his head: whoever wants to be beautiful must suffer.

Youth Style Blouse Without Corset

In addition, I may so long the thing sticks there, no sport make… So balanced is different… probably had my Sunday post synonymouswhat to do with it. So I’m going to end up with Luke and his legacy and come to the fair part of my story. The trendy Jugendstil blouse. I like this high-heeled blouse shape and I like that I can wear this blouse today to a Flared Leg Jeans from the sixties. So much fashionable freedom as we have today has never existed before… I am delighted that we are allowed to mix the styles as we please and it does not say anything about the political attitude or my social class. I find this very exciting and exactly for this reason I show you on Friday the same blooming right again, but then with ner pants from another “epoch” Have a nice week all loved…

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Blouse: Mango-in the meantime the blouse is there again-also in black
Cardigan: Dear Cashmere-I bought my girlfriend some years ago and for you I found a brown cardigan from Autumn Cashmere at ARISTMARKETING(Affiliatelink). It is a cashmere wool mix and not quite as expensive. At Dawanda I found one without cashmere (Affiliatelink), which also looks very cuddly.
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Bag: Zara-the bag is still available