How Do I Make My Summer Dress Transition-Proof?

People, I do not believe it… in two weeks is already Good Friday, that is, in two weeks and two days is already Easter.

 There is something wrong. This is all mixed-in the sense that I am already completely set for spring and would like to wear only pastel tones… At the same time, we leave the little important fact that I, for example, Rosé, just close to face does not stand at all… times, There are also legs, which could be put in pastel pants. This is certainly a great idea when looking at the rainy sidewalks, if you like to look from behind, like a speckled quail egg. Then maybe a summer dress?

Easter Decoration Brand Hasenstall

In so far, the first time is nothing with the springy pastellaune and also with the Easterdeko wirds nix… So far. When I think of the fact that in our house two weeks before Christmas you feel like you have landed in an American department store MEDICINELEARNERS, then my “Easter decoration” is more like a “Spartan hare barn”. What I am referring to, that I am a consumer victim during the Christmas season. After all, from a purely Christian point of view the Easter festival is much more important than the Christmas festival. So clearly-without birth, no dying. But anyway… Easter is THE feast of Christians and therefore deserved a pompous decoration… mega hares and lambs and bombastic, painted eggs. Instead of that I have only one egg lying around here – and that is not painted – so also not bombastic.But it is differently great … really special and tear the missing rest out-or-OR? O:-)… and maybe a clothes store with colorful kids’ t-shirts also?

Summer Dress On Cool Days

But I hovered, swayed, swelled… darned, how do you conjugate? So-I came off, from the subject-actually I was at the gray and that fits nevertheless very beautifully to pastel. Since I unfortunately have not yet a single pastel pants (… no, that is nothing indecent), I am now merging with the heavenly dauergrau. This is a varied week-from the wallflower to the gray mouse-so actually to the light gray-white mouse and boring I find the look times not at all. This was rather a welcome opportunity to wear my summer dress, which I bought last year in Italy again. But because that alone was too cold, the Longpulli / dress with the side zippers just came right and now I dream Pantone colors to the firmament and wish a wonderful Friday and a great start to the weekend, dear greeting-Conny

By the way, this is not the first time I wear such a summer dress – I say times “inappropriate” temperatures. A summer dress in Winterlook  at Christmas  and at 0 degrees a dress from All Saints .