Honor Band Z1: 1 Euro Offer Heated Tempers


This little surprisingly rapidly and for honor backfired? The 100 honor band-Z1 action devices blast price of 1 euro hiked in fractions of a second over the virtual counter. Now they are completely sold out. Unsuccessful interested parties must settle for now with a discount of 30 euro. Now, the critical and above all disillusioned votes accumulating in the Internet community.

On the Facebook page of our site readers criticize the promotion. Also on the honor Facebook presence, angry buyers complaining, especially the overloaded server for displeasure. A more nuanced picture emerges in a Community contribution to the bargain Portal mydealz: talk a publicity stunts and gambling, report other users successful orders proof photo included. Were you successful in a pre-Christmas lottery? What do you think of such limited offers a special bargain price? Voice your opinion as a comment (below)!

Huawei Watch: Test the Noble Smartwatch

Original message (December 15, 2015)

Whether Samsung with its gear S2, the Huawei watch or above all the Apple Watch in the year 2015 struck the hour of the Smartwatches. Even traditional watch manufacturer now absorb the trend, with the inner workings of the high-tech replaced the classical movement. TAG Heuer makes it with its connected Smartwatch, but asks as the competition properly to the cashier. The fitness Tracker prove significantly cheaper alternative. They are designed less to colorful multimedia loading variants but rather on capturing your body activities and the representation of the digital time. Huawei subsidiary brand honor goes a similar path with the Honor Band Z1, but visually reminiscent of a small struggling Smartwatch.

The best fitness Tracker

Limit of 100 copies with coupon

For the 25 gram light Fitness Watch (has a step counter on board) honor calls normally 79 euro. But what is normal during Christmas? On December 16th at 10:30 sharp, the Chinese sell Honor band Z1 for 1 euro from the in-house vmall store. The coupon code BCV342HR282TK (update of 16 December 2015: expired now) reduced the purchase price to all 78 euro. However, you must apply the shipping of 6.41 euros (not required from 99 Euro purchases). Sounds too good to be true? True! The thing actually has a great hook: all 100 copies (!) Are available at this price of crackers and also just for buyers registered already in the shop. Interested parties can easily do that at this link. At the manageable number of action devices, you should however make no excessive hopes. The offer should the high expected emergence rather a lottery same.