Holle Fairy Tale Costume Itself Making Woman

Mrs. Holle is a beautiful fairy tale costume, what is also well suited for the street carnival, because it can be styled very “dressed”.

I would like to teach a better if you think, that would be just for older ladies.

Woman is called Holle is an old German mythology, Holda also, with many manifestations, the version of the Brothers Grimm is just one of them.

In folk tales, it is times mother or even elderly with confused hair, but often also a young beauty. So is definitely something for young girls

Mrs. Holle anyway, holds sway in the sky, take heed to their lambs, the small, white cloud and sends the snow.

Holle play many old woman say to the Hessian “Hoher Meißner”, where mother Hulda pond is also the woman. This is regarded as the entrance to their underground realm and should be infinitely deep. Bells, vocally only for Sonntagskinder allegedly sometimes sounds from Mrs. Holles silver Castle.

But also in the Saxon folk tale there is woman Holle, who lives in the Kyffhäuser.

Mrs. Holle Costume

The most important accessory is a nice fluffy cushion from which to schnüttelt the snow. If you like, you can sew a few white feathers on his dress or coat.

Woman man best time styling Holle in the direction of the Brothers Grimm, so that it remains visible.

As a dress, it is therefore a country house dress or a long Dirndl. The old-fashioned it looks, the better it should go but not too much in the direction of costume with Hirschhornknöpfen etc.

There’s just country house dress very cheap on ebay. That makes the costume really high-quality look, even if it is cheaper than a purchased.

Furthermore, I wear white lace apron grannies. That looks better than an apron.

The whole is crowned with a white crest on the head. Also medieval lace veil, bonnet and the like are well suited.

Mrs. Holle Hairstyle and Makeup

I have kept me on the old German image and braided pigtails.

On my open hair, I have used a blonde wig and intertwined my hair with the wig, and so extended. Therefore, it looks like complete real hair. I’d like to really so thick braids…

The makeup is of course and focuses on a fresh, beautiful complexion with distinct Rouge.

The eyes are accented with beige and brown eye shadow, Brown eyeliner and mascara.

When the lips I used a rose beige Lippliner no hard contours and in a lip balm to draw.