High Heel Sandal:Get to Know the Models and See How to Use Each One

The sandals are beautiful, elegant and sexy to the right size for any woman who wants to wear high heels on more open models

It is not today that jumping sandals are a true feminine passion.This love for strips and jumps in different colors and shapes is already old and will probably never end according to NAMPABUYER.

While jumps are often the most used option only on weekends and at special events, they still play a very important role in the female closet.They are the ones that bring instant elegance to any look.Just compare at home: put the same clothes with and without heels and you will see the impact of the difference that the heel makes.

If you are one of the lovers of the jump, check out the most popular models of sandals, see how to use them and also check out several options of looks to compose with this type of footwear.

How to Wear 8 Types of Sandals

According to image and style consultant Fernanda Maranho , when choosing your sandal, the more closed it is and the more you cover your foot, the shorter the skirt, dress or shorts you wear.

She also advises that if the sandal has straps that go up the instep and leg, the ideal is that it is in a light color, like the nude, if you wish to avoid flattening the silhouette.Tall women with thinner legs need not worry about this effect.

Another tip of the consultant is that the models more closed, for example the honed ones and the sandals with strips in the ankle, are avoided by those who have the thick legs.

Next, check out the top high heel sandal models and see tips on how to use each one.


The thick heel strap sandal is the ideal model for the woman who likes to jump, but that does not give up comfort. The thick heel gives more support and is easier to walk with. It serves both for day-to-day situations and for night productions that require more sophistication, just choose a model that suits your look.


Thigh-heeled sandals are not necessarily less comfortable than thick-heeled sandals, but this can happen, moreover, are a little more difficult to use for those who are not accustomed to jumping.If you’re going to use this template, opt to premiere it at events you know you’ll have to sit on and not stand for long.The sandals of straps and thin heel are elegant and combine with more sophisticated productions, however they can also be adapted for more informal events.


The half-paw is probably one of the most beloved jumps for women, as it provides more comfort even when the shoes are very tall, with 10 or 12cm jumps.The platform at the front of the footwear decreases the weight that is left only on the heel, so the sole of the foot becomes less overloaded.The sandals with this type of heel are ideal for occasions that require production and comfort to endure many hours standing or dancing, such as weddings and ballads.


The anabelas has a heel that accompanies the width of the footwear, which offers more stability and safety.In most cases the jump is of cork or similar material, which makes it lighter and informal.However, there are also more sophisticated versions with heel covered with other material.It is ideal for stripped occasions where you want to use jumping.


The gladiator is the most eccentric model of sandal.Filled with stripes and knee-length details, it is more suitable for strong-willed women who like to dare on looks.High-top models should be worn with shorter clothing, while those that go up to the ankle can even be worn with pants.


The flared sandal, also known as open boot, is similar to an ankle boot, only it is open, with leaks or strips that make it cooler to use in the summer.By accommodating the entire foot inside it, they may be a little easier to use for those who are not yet accustomed to jumping.Because they are closed, they deserve productions with a skirt, dress or short that is not long.They combine a lot with occasions like ballads and night parties.


The espadrilles or espadrilles are very similar to the sandals Anabela, however its jump is, generally, covered of ropes and its style is more stripped.They are ideal for summer days and informal walks, such as going to the park or shopping.The heel is comfortable, which gives the shoe even more usability.


The platforms, although they have lost some of the force over the years, still have their fans and can be seen in some windows.They have a single saltop, as the name itself says – a platform, so your foot is all in the same level of height.There are those who claim to be comfortable and also those who are afraid of twisting their feet.So, using it or not ends up being a matter of taste.It is a very bare footwear, more suitable for use during the day.

6 tips and cautions when walking in high heels

Check out the tips of consultant Fernanda Maranho for you who are starting to walk in high heels or who wants to know more about everything that involves being on top of a high heel:

  1. The first step to getting started and getting used to is to train at home. Try walking with the heel at home and also try to walk a little on the tip of the bare feet looking forward to balance training.
  2. Begin to use heels with lower models, such as those of 5cm and increase as you gain skill and confidence.
  3. To make it easier to walk in high heels, opt for thicker heels and sandals that have straps that leave footwear firmly on your foot.
  4. Take short, unhurried steps, and always firm first the heel and then the tip of the foot on the ground. Use your body to maintain balance – do not get hard.
  5. Alternate the days when you use the high heel. Avoid wearing them every day as you may end up hurting your feet and your spine. Take a break from at least one day. If possible, use it only at the weekend.
  6. Use pads, stickers and any accessories that are needed to maintain comfort in the foot and not get hurt. Betting on a support for the sole of the foot is a resource to suffer less when wearing sandals without half-paw.

See also a video with the main mistakes when walking in high heels and how to avoid them:

Looks with heels

Check out the selection of looks, one with each of the sandal models presented above.Inspire yourself to create your own combinations:


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