Hering Shirt Infographic: 10 Brand Trivia

The Hering is a brazilian fashion icon. For those who don’t know, this is the largest of Brazil’s clothing franchise and is proud to be recognized for more than 90% of Brazilians in all social classes. Who never had a shirt Hering?

There’s no shortage of reasons to write about a brand as relevant when the goal is simplicity, good taste and low cost. Who says you have to be expensive to be stylish? Quite the opposite: Looking at your financial health, the elegant is costing more. At this point the Hering shirt is always an option. But it’s not just the price that draws on this brand. The history of Hering is very intriguing!

Founded by Germans, has been around for more than 130 years, has been through many crises, became style icon. You can evaluate how much contribution to the brazilian economy this fashion giant already offered? If the Hering was a flip-flop, the surname would be Hawaiian according to ANYBLOUSES.

Hering shirt: Simplicity and good taste

While we’re on the subject of simplicity, I’d like to leave a message for you, estilosão, dog mouth: always keep in your closet a basic outfit. I can cite: white or black T-shirt, plus some colored polo shirts. Surely you’ll be able to make different looks with the same piece and can even add attachments without getting over. Think about it: basic Clothes are as wild cards in a deck — can save you in the Nick of time!

We decided to make a tribute to this brand of clothes so simple but so addictive. I and the Caio Castro we affirm: Hering shirt is part of the wardrobe of the male Brazilian!

With you, the infographic with 10 facts about the Hering — one of the best Brazilian brands:

The 10 facts about the Hering — one of the best Brazilian brands — in writing:

  1. Trikotwaren Fabrik Gerbruder Hering:It was with this long name and difficult, the CLA. Hering began your history in 1880.
  2. Founded by German brothers 2:Bruno and Hermann Hering.
  3. Believe in dreams:Hermann left his wife Minna and her sons and crossed the Atlantic to Brazil and started your dream in Blumenau in the South of the country.
  4. Hering = Herring:Hering is the German word meaning “herring”.
  5. 2 fish = 2 brothers:Hence the logo of Hering consist of two fish, one symbolizing each brother.
  6. A pioneer in export:It was the first brazilian textile company exporting its products (1964).
  7. Everyone knows! The Hering is recognized by more than 90% of Brazilians in all social classes.
  8. 30 pieces for each Brazilian:In 1997, the Hering reached five billion historical t-shirts produced. The volume corresponded to average of 30 pieces (shirt Hering) for each Brazilian — at that time.
  9. Owners:With the proclamation of the Republic in 1889, the brothers Hering naturalize themselves.
  10. Breast cancer in a fashion plate:With more than 5 million of Hering campaign sold t-shirts, the company contributed to the free treatment of 800,000 women.
  11. More than 130 years of history:These and many other curiosities can be seen at the Museum Hering, opened in 2010.