Herbsttrend: Dessert Boats

About schmoove

In 1970 shoe designer “Jean-Baptiste Rautureau” founded the company “Rautreau Apple Shoes”. His great-great grandson “Maxime Rautureau” is now owned by his own line, “schmoove”. The family includes the labels Jean-Baptiste Rautureau, Pom D’Api, No Name, Feelance and Spring Court.

Crep’s Desert

As if the shoe had been made in the desert, the color looks greyish, sandy. This impression is additionally supported by the roughened suede. The leather itself is of the highest quality and does not show any mistakes or irregularities. The processing works to stimming.

The sole is made of rubber and is sewn to the shoe by an ornamental seam. Included in the purchase are always two colors of lacing. The “D.Navy Lace Water Bl” colored shoe features bright “iced-blue” and uniform tapes. Which one is used is pure taste. I prefer the tone in tone variant.

Also included is a key pendant of the brand “schmoove” in the form of three sheep.


The shoe is ankle-high, completely enclosed and therefore not a really summery shoe. Nevertheless, you can combine it with a short jeans and a casual T-shirt on summer days. They look especially good when they wear “sneaker socks” (or no socks), which are then no longer visible.

No matter whether it is casual or chic, the shoe will always fit. The black variant generally has something more “serious” than the casual blue. My tip: wear the shoe as if you are just coming out of the desert. Do not take too seriously and give the shoe the serenity it needs.


Suede is not easy to care, as it attracts dirt. Therefore, after the purchase, the shoes should first be sprayed with a shoe spray specially for suede and let it dry. The more you do, the more protected your shoes are. I therefore recommend 3-4 times before the first wearing! – If the shoes get wet, you should let them dry completely before you put them on again. Once suede is wet, it begins to work properly and can be very deformed, which can not end with “bumps” in the leather. For cleaning, I recommend a brush especially for suede, spray+brush cost about 10-15€ in the specialty store.

Suede leather shoes look just casual, without “messed up”, and can be combined to almost anything! However, the elaborate care and dirtiness make it not a daily shoe, but a shoe for beautiful, special days.

The shoe Schmoove CREPS DESERT  is at Zalando.co.uk at a price of 155-160 €, but for other specialty stores it is significantly lower.My tip: Go to your local shoe store. There you can mostly also something. On this way I got my for 100€!