Gordinha Makes Gordice Street View

The car of the Google Street View was passing through a street in the suburb of Worcester, a small town seemingly calm and quiet, making the location of the mapping (and breaking collecting data networks open wireless: P). All very well, all very good. Until street dwellers discover that the images were finally published and run to see them.

What had been captured by Google, however, is not exactly a pleasant scene: a body lying on the sidewalk, indicated that someone probably suffered some piripaque and was lying right there, without help and without help.

Residents began to turn desperate to Google in order to know why the hell the poor man fell to the ground had not received any help from employees. And behold, the truth came out: it was the young Azura (has nothing to do with Azure, ok?) Beebeejaun pretending to be dead.

Our Azura, ten years, wanted to play a trick on a friend. Instead, it caused concern in all neighbors.

It is unclear what happened to Azurinha after this incident. We of TB strongly believe that the girl was at least one itches neighbors, to learn to never do that kind of joke. Yes, even in Street View has chubby doing gordice.

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