Google Will Cover the Determination of Elections in Brazil

In August, we learned that Google was doing a good coverage of the US presidential election. The company signed contracts with major content providers such as CNN and the Wall Street Journal, and created special pages for voters follow the presidential race. Now Google promises to do the same in Brazil and provide a page with the calculation of municipal elections, which take place on Sunday.

Besides having broadcast a debate for the candidates for mayor of São Paulo together with TV Cultura and the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo, Google has a page with news and videos about the municipal elections in the section of Google News Politics and elections which is restricted the country’s capital. This same page will show the calculation of real – time polls on election day.

Partial results with the votes for councilors and mayors will be published from 17h, time that the data collected by electronic voting machines begin to be transmitted to the computers of the Federal Regional Courts.

It was possible to follow the partial results in different ways, both on television and in the internet, but the fact that one of the most visited sites in the country covering the prosecution should facilitate this task and reach more people. The TSE has released for download the Discloses 2012, official software for dissemination of results of Brazilian elections.