Google+ Reaches 100 Million Active Users Per Month

Today Google + has reached an important milestone. According to an advertisement in Vic Gundotra profile, Google engineering vice president, there are already 100 million Google+ users monthly assets via the web and for mobile applications. In addition, the executive also said that Google users 400 million chose to upgrade to Google+. But how many of those users are even just logging on the site Google+?

GigaOM site has an interesting theory about it. They remind an important change took place a few months ago, related to chat Video Gmail, which has to be done through Google Hangout. Because of this change, Gmail or Google Talk users make video calls must obligatorily use Google+. Conveniently, Vic Gundotra did not bother to categorize which users are just Google+ and what other services – it just released a balance sheet.

Since launching Google always called Google+ “social layer” and not social network. This layer has been integrated into many of the service, users want or not, and so any social interaction with such services (either the +1 button on the web or leathery in a video YouTube) are counted as active users of Google+. If it does or does not inflate the figures released by the executive, we do not know for sure why the web giant never released exact numbers.

But if you ask me, I will say that I think the numbers a bit inflated yes.