Google Purchase Divided to Improve Android at Work

A few minutes ago It is divided, an application to divide the professional environment of the staff in Android (and also the iOS), announced his integration into the ranks of Google without knowing the amount of operation or other details.

Split is an application that, according to themselves, was born with a very simple mission: “give the best mobile experience at work”. The company has already announced that he will continue working as it has done so far.

Thrilled to announce @It is divided is joining Google. We will continue to provide the best mobile experience at work.

— Divided (@divide) may 19, 2014

Formally known as Enterproid, this company had raised up to $ 25 million in venture capital, which included capital partners like Google Ventures, Qualcomm or Globespan, so it’s not a space heater of Mountain View, but a thoughtful movement.

No doubt good news for a system that has historically lived in the background in corporate environments. While expected Google to present a new version of its mobile operating system next month, it is hard to see the influence of these ideas in it.