Google Proposes HTML Attribute to Facilitate Completion

The Google published an article on the blog that keeps facing webmasters advising the adoption of a new standard forms of those we found at all times on the Internet. The web giant’s proposal is very simple: in the form of source code appear HTML attributes specific to the browser automatically complete the information that the user would have to manually add there.

According to the company, Chrome and other browsers now offer auto-complete with some accuracy rate. However, the situation would be even better if the browser did not have to guess if the country asks for the name or address email, for example.

If you depend on Google, the following structure is adopted in the forms:

<input type=”text” name=”field1” x-autocompletetype=”email” />

Note the presence of the attribute “x-autocompletetype”. Through it the developer specifies what information that the displayed field, so read this, your browser may add the information automatically. Therefore, as you may already know, the auto-complete has to be active in the browser. In addition, the user must have filled in the information before at least once so that it is saved.

So far only Google is committed to the attribute and said that it is installed in Chrome. Other companies that offer auto-completion should implement it, but Google did not say what those companies. It is also important to note that the attribute was launched on an experimental basis and has not experienced endorsement of W3C, the consortium that regulates the standards for the web. It may be that will adopt it in the future, it may not.

Here in our site Google Chrome is the most used browser. And as we have many readers who work with web, it costs nothing to the message: the attribute is there for those who want to implement.

Here is the full text describing the attribute proposal.