Google Nexus 5 (2015) By LG: Leak Can Hope For Special Camera

New leak to the Google nexus 5 (2015): OnLeaks has published a drawing via his Twitter account, which should show the back cover of the Smartphone. On it are two lying with each other round cut-outs, the hints on a dual camera.

However, possible according to OnLeaks also, that one of the two grooves for a fingerprint sensor is intended. Already beginning June 2015 there had been rumors that the new edition of the nexus 5 with this feature will be equipped. The third, facelifted gap in the back cover, however, likely intended for the LED flash for the camera.

Nexus 5 With 3D Camera?

Already, mid-June had called it that the nexus 5 in the 2015 version may Gets a 3D camera. According to the information of a supplier, the camera of smartphones on two modules and an infrared scanner to access to enable three-dimensional recordings. The slots in the back cover which is exactly for these components may be intended. According to PhoneArena comes the drawing from a single manufacturer and based on early information about the Smartphone – may be it will look so not exactly as shown in the figure.

Already in may, they said that LG nexus 5 (2015) under the code name “Angler” developed. This rumor was confirmed in July. The Smartphone to get a 5.2 inch display and powered by the Snapdragon 808. The device is designed by the design here but not the LG G4 based on, even if the device uses the same chipset. May, the nexus is 5 in the version for 2015 already in October – with Android M as a preinstalled operating system.