Google Needs Taming Manufacturers That Will Take Android Seriously

The month of may has passed and Google I/o 2015 is history for Google has time to lower the cloud and back to reality. OK that Android continue to evolve, of course, but what is not acceptable is that the search engine company engaged in selling his future while he hides the head and he refuses to confront the biggest problem of its mobile operating system.

With Android Lollipop facilities have all been, there was a period of preview that developers and manufacturers could go beginning to work with him and at beginning of year live an authentic race among companies to upgrade. Up to here everything seemed to go swimmingly, but time has passed and the truth has hit us hard: the fragmentation is more present than ever and only 9.7% of devices have already upgraded to Lollipop.

Damn fragmentation

Android is a mobile operating system most widely used in the world with eight out of ten mobile betting on it. It is possible that in part this success is due to the freedom that Google gives to manufacturers to make and dispose at will, but these heights I think that it is high time that the search engine company begins to close the tap, because they It has offered hand and arm have caught and part of the body.

And is that today practically only ships badges of the large manufacturers have been updated to Lollipop, and even many of those who did a few months ago they have been completely stalled in the version 5.0. X while that Google has already exceeded the 5.1. This step Android L will begin to be the most commonly used version until the search engine company will be already presenting Android N.

To have the latest Android touch mobile change

In this way, brands most fall asleep on its laurels abandoning ranges devices support stockings, while if we are a technology enthusiast encourage us to buy their latest models to be these the only ones who can benefit from the innovations the latest version of Android.

Always have the option of passing to the Nexus range of course, but this It has always gone behind the competition in some key aspects as the quality of their cameras when they cost 350 euros in the latest model that reaches 600 euros, and that is a handicap that more than one us has moved to try other alternatives.

Abusing Android

But even that is the worst, because many of the devices that receive the latest versions of Android do with a layer of customization that too often trample the homogeneity of its design, deletes, or replaces some of its innovations and, ultimately, it becomes a fat operating system to Android, clumsy and full of lag with their layers of customization.

And is that what’s the point of Google designers to work on perfecting the appearance of the operating system and? launching design standards What applications are in harmony with him if then the manufacturers change it completely? What implement new features if they will then sit buried?

Google does nothing to prevent the mistreatment of Android

With its layers of customization, there are a lot of manufacturers and operators that are mistreating Android, and Google seems to have you so little respect for its own product that It is not taking the value of preventing that they continue to do so, which makes it an accomplice.

No, not I forget that not all layers of customization are the same and that There are some really trying to improve the shortcomings of Android while maintaining the aesthetics of the operating system, but unfortunately this so many manufacturers do not as they should.

How can it be avoided?

We can not hide that you part of the blame for this situation we have the users themselves. In our desire to always have the latest We ignore that endorse us resolutions that we are not going to take advantage, batteries that last for the same or even less than the of two years (Hello, LG), and even that allow the luxury of past one year leave updates this phone that so many hundreds of euros has cost us and if you have seen I do not remember.

Manufacturers follow the path that makes them sell more and make more money, that is something that will not change, for the little that we can do what happens to teach them how we do not want to do things not buying this or that product. Although this utopia will remain a mere dream If Google is not started to take a little more seriously your operating system and starts to take care of it.

Google should be responsible for updates

Fifteen days ago Engadget Windows partners told us how Microsoft had decided to dispense with manufacturers and operators to, as does Apple IOS, be themselves to those who take care of updating phones that use its operating system. That is certainly the way that Google should also try to take.

Obviously, with the number of phone models that use Android is much more difficult that Google can maintain control of their ecosystem. This is where they could come into play Android One, a variant of Android that could be devoted to lower ranges as discussed initially, while the upper ranges are updated with the full version.

The other option that Google might choose, and would in fact be the most recommended, is the de reset for full Android and make a new version from scratch, correcting all the mistakes that drags for years and taking advantage of to change of philosophy. But of course, this solution would be a chaos at the beginning because it would also break its ecosystem of applications, although this not a facelift would come you wrong.

These lines they are only the opinion of a server It is a little tired of seeing how no one seems to take seriously to Android. What about you? Do you think of the way in seeking manufacturers to Android and how to intentaríais prevent fragmentation and the abuse continued operating system?