Google is Buying the Authorized AdMob

The purchase of AdMob by Google, which was to have been carried outin November 2009, has since been stopped waiting for approval from the Federal Trade Commission US (FTC). Or rather, I was, because on Friday (21) the committee decided unanimously (5 votes to 0) that the acquisition would be allowed.

The reason for the reluctance of the FTC was the fear that Google would create a monopoly joining its already successful platform advertising online on regular computers to the leading platform market advertising on smartphones, AdMob.

“Despite the combination of the two leading advertising networks have raised serious debates antitrust issues, the agency’s concerns were at the end overshadowed by recent developments in the market,” said the ftc.

Simply put, the FTC decided to release the acquisition of AdMob because he saw Apple preparing to plunge into the mobile advertising (with iAds and the acquisition of Quattro Wireless ) and did not want to leave the Cupertino company is the only major player in this Marketplace. “Apple is poised to become a strong competitor in the mobile advertising market,” the commission said.

Now with white letter, Google said it finally close the deal with AdMob within the next few weeks. [The Wall Street Journal Marketwatch]

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