Google I/O 2015, Small Disappointment

Yesterday was the main session of the Google I/o 2015, we follow with intensity from here. And my personal conclusion is that expected me more. It is true, Google has announced many things but some a little disappointing in my view.

I do not mean that nothing presented I liked, which other years has only been more spectacular. Let’s review presented and why expect me more than one leading company like Google.

Android M, evolution and credibility

Android Lollipop was a great evolution of Android on an aesthetic level and interaction with the user. The changes that are glimpsed in Android M, on the other hand, are lower. Do not expect me otherwise, there can be no revolutions each year, but some of the things presented do not convince me much.

Applications permissions is awaited but developers are already complaining that there are no good solutions for them. If we deny permissions surely many applications to become unstable, as happens with the Manager of CyanogenMod. The idea is good but it would have given tools to developers.

Android M also brings Android Pay. An open system and interesting but it takes to reach our country and which also comes to slipstream of other important systems and after years of failure of Google Wallet. Should you why they succeed now? In addition it comes with fingerprint authentication, which have already implemented some manufacturers.

Also Google include improving energy and load. Sincerely, after telling us that Lollipop would care more energetic appearance and watching the battery drains that abound there, until you see it don’t believe it.

Not everything is negative, of course. Interapplication communication looks good and that they address the management of volumes of Lollipop problems is a good idea. But they are minor things that could have gotten in one minor update.

Application enhancements

Google also yesterday unveiled new features in Android applications. For example a new Google Now, that can interact with any application that you have open. This would sound very well if does not work, in general, badly. Google must first operate the basics, something that does not very well.

Chrome is updated with the interaction with other applications. It is good news, but it linked to other manufacturers with a browser that is one more that there is, requires us to have and use Chrome.

Another novelty is that Google Maps will work best in offline. Good news if it was not because I’ve been hearing this same history years (from 2012!) and still have failed to resolve the issue of offline browsing, as they do other applications. We hope that this time is truth.

The most interesting thing presented by Google is Google photos, finally as standalone downloadable application and with unlimited storage in the cloud space. It is a pity that Google has been so erratic with the theme of the photographs and Google Plus.

Other operating systems

About Android Wear Google has not offered many innovations, virtually have explained what had so far and some minor improvements. It was not a revolution, and that Apple comes stomping.

They have also presented their new operating system of the Internet of things, Project Shine. It is an interesting announcement but they have not given many details.

Expected system of immersive virtual reality has come to nothing, just tabled a new Cardboard and they have said that it will be used in education. Expected me more. Interestingly, however, Jump, to record videos in 3D. The downside is that you need 16 GoPro, investment is not cheap.

Many somewhat disappointing news

In short, Google has introduced many things. It has many fronts. But None has seemed exciting. Small changes, some promises that we’ll see whether they will work, and little else. There have been no new hardware (indeed, Google I/O is a conference software, but expected the new Chromecast) and has not been like last year when they presented Android L that I saw coming it would be a revolution.

I think that it has been a Google I/o transition. We’ll see if they have any important news for developers, but I have the impersion which is not going to be revolutionary.