Glass Magnetic Panels As Personal Memorial Wall

Dekoideen for kitchen with writing desks

Recordable magnetic boards are not only a look in every kitchen – thanks to the robust surface made of glass and the practical pin to be attached, they are also the ideal background for notes. The possibilities for using the writing board kitchen are extremely varied. For example, they can be used as a collection point for shopping carts (which simplifies the next purchase of the week). Thanks to the magnetic surface, the handwritten shopping slips can be quickly and easily adhered to the writing board kitchen. The magnets required for this are, of course, included in the scope of delivery. If desired, however, other magnets can also be used. Together with the beautifully designed motifs of the magnetic boards you can get such a great, coherent design object in the kitchen. And it is practical!

The writing desk kitchen is good in every kitchen, whether you have a modern kitchen island or a rustic country kitchen. The magnet and writing board kitchen can be installed quickly and simply with the help of the supplied wall bracket on every kitchen wall. The suspension is particularly well thought-out: thanks to the mounting material, the magnet panel gets a free-floating 3D look! Particularly beautiful and a true view: the color of the wall to suit the magnet and write kitchen. This makes the table even more effective.

Do you also sometimes get up early and have a wonderful recipe for dinner in the early morning? From now on you will not forget any recipes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Write the delicacies directly when they come to your mind, with the whiteboard marker on the magnetic board. So you have the recipes in the evening exactly where you need recipes: in the kitchen, near the stove.

Often, a family member leaves the house early in the morning before everyone else.Would not it be nice to leave the children or the partner a loving message?With the magnetic board it is now quite easy: small pieces of paper with sweet messages ensure happy faces.Show your family how much you love them!

Housing: Plant together!

In the kitchen, the kitchen is the central collection place.Here one meets one, here one exchanges oneself.With our magnetic boards, you can now also clarify the absence of the last yoghurt in the refrigerator, even during your absence.Of course, you can also staple the cleaning plan for the next week to the magnetic board or explain the unloved roommate that he will take off soon.The panels are not only cool decoration objects, but also practical souvenirs.

It is also very useful to collect accumulated bills on the magnetic board . In a month can accumulate much and wants to be paid. Thus, no bills can be overlooked and forgotten, they can be arranged and kept on the magnetic board. And since the tables are so generously dimensioned, each family member can get their own “accounting area” – and nothing gets mixed.

The magnetic boards give your kitchen the ultimate touch.White, bare and sobering walls make a very different impression when you place a magnetic panel with a conspicuous motif as a central element.All motifs are printed in brilliant, crisp quality.The noble, high-gloss and elaborately colored glass guarantees a kitchen of every kitchen.

Glass Magnetic Board Features:

The panels are of course extremely robust and also extremely resistant thanks to a 4 mm thick safety glass. The surface can be cleaned well, a little warm water and a lint-free cloth is sufficient . The choice is two different sizes (80 x 50 or 50 x 30 cm). This guarantees you the right magnetic board for your kitchen!