Gifts of Luxury for It: the Proposals of Patch

If yesterday I told my proposals to make a luxury gift to a woman today (now in the heroic minute) I propose that I join and wondeful for the World of luxury to make a best gift you will never forget that man that want to make smile. As my colleague Cristina, find a gift for a man a little imagination does not be complicated, just why does lack and know well the recipient.

An unforgettable adventure is one of the best gifts that can be made. If the man which is intended the gift has a Porsche, Why not give him an Ice Training course? The Porsche brand has several driving schools It celebrates each year and the winter is ideal to learn how to take advantage of the vehicle in situations of ice.

Austria courses take place in the circuit Alpine Driving Center in Lungau and they are held for several days under the supervision of monitors from the brand. Classes, the student learns Security techniques to improve driving the Porsche in the winter weather, and if the man that makes the gift has no Porsche, know that it is possible to rent a car to the Organization itself. Sounds fun, right? Come to share with us on vintagematters.

I would give Gucci shoes which are usually a safe bet. To get out of the typical loafers, I am rooting for the original skin model you have on these lines which are closed with a hook. Carries the Gucci logo in relief but is very discreet, for those men who don’t want to go calling attention to brand carry but do not want to give up the best quality.

As for the clothes, I am rooting for sobriety, so I’ve been captivated from the costume dark submitted by Tom Ford as part of your collection Spring/summer 2011 you have on these lines. I like how the photo model is left and I see that perfectly combines with the shoes. The double breasted jacket I love it because it gives a new look to a garment that’s if tends to be quite boring.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel that at this point nearly everyone that wanted to have a iPhone 4 you already have it. If the gentleman that you wish to surprise even does not possess the most desired mobile, why not give her a phone jewel as the model of? Gresso, sheathed in wood of Blackwood, known for its strength and its great length. In addition the rear logo Apple is made in 18 k gold and it is available in a limited edition. Surely even the latter in having the iPhone will be object of desire among all its known.

In conclusion, I would bet for giving a Luxury Watch to be blunt and very special. Among those who brought us the 2010 one of my favorites is the Mare Nostrum of Panerai, a Edition limited to 99 watches Green strap and black dial. With all the technological advances to which we are accustomed the watch brand, has the Sapphire Crystal with single layer anti reflexes that allow you to see the time even under difficult conditions.

Better that ye can give you hurry to finish the letter the Magi because as you continue to be glued to the computer will not arrive on time with their delivery of luxury. Good luck, I hope you acertéis!