Giambattista Valli High Couture Autumn-Winter: the Woman of Thousand Flowers

Giambattista Valli It is the example of how to achieve that the term “a woman feminine”, so broken and used up to fatigue, losing any value that one day might have, continue giving a sense to Haute Couture he presented in Paris. The Italian designer is clear where it is strong, where is your audience and only seeks to reinvent itself gradually stepping on insurance among flowers, sighs and new princesses.

Giambattista Valli meets Dior

Whole new collection what has most surprised is coincidentally its minimum respite in some looks that offer the most accessible face of Haute Couture, looking to the ready-to-wear and approaching this earthy dialogue that Raf Simons has been looking for a few seasons with greater or lesser success.

These three designs I recalled the image of Christian Dior in the hands of the Belgian. Common places with black playing in color blocks.

New brides

Brides should exit more than typical notions of tradition at White and try other trends with the intention that these could be something normal, not an exception among a million. Brides in white but with other details, either with large volumes and playing with the transparency of the skirts, either providing the black touch of sandals by grid, or convert the cut siren in a field of small flowers.

Floral craftsman

The Italian designer was able to develop an own style after few years in solitary, years after his departure from Ungaro Fever. The flowers are the material with which he manages to make his logo invisible. Reinvent this taste for flowers will not be easy task for next winter he committed to controlled minimalism, blunt small, small petals and flowers scattered strategically by dresses which abounds with fake long.

Red is your time

The Red range is time seek the exaltation of passion, in any of the available tones, from the Red passion to the Bordeaux with darker touches. Red makes grow Valli designs and gives them a character more sensual jackets lines becoming short dresses, coats that suffer this same transformation and clothes that have just been abducted by floral layers.

When red is its antithesis of purity in white this couple stands out even more, in length and adding transparency to the romantic princesses.

Blue baths

What we did not see in the last haute couture collection, which dominated the winter inspiration, see it now. The collection of autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 It is more summer than the current this season. The Blue It has great responsibility in this process. A soft blue that has the taste of prints taken from the world of Chinese porcelain which influences both Valli.

Volumes, modern dancers, with details from suit and again those volumes in contrast to remember citations recently in Dior.

Minimum night

A collection of Haute Couture winter without any black dress, no line or trend dominated by this color. It seems to lie but to comply. A good joy to see it. The negro in Valli has been replaced by softer grey, looking almost unnoticed in pastel hues and embroidered on it.

The final spectacular

For closing Giambattista Valli rights reserved are designs that seek to be more astonished. The Mermaid cut and tube-shaped designs gave way to large volumes in skirts with big campaigns and preference by the strapless neckline, with or without silk on top panel. Like the bustier and the false front long.

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