Gadgets Help Ensure The Rider’s Safety At Night

When we cycled during the night, lighting is critical to ensure our safety. Come to think of it, the great site TreeHuger have chosen ten chic and futuristic lighting equipment to help the rider during the night drive.See the most interesting below and meet the whole list on the site.

Bike Glow
The Bike Glow is a flexible tube of light that can be interlaced by the bicycle frame, improving your identification in dark places. The Bike Glow uses AA batteries, is waterproof and is $ $25. The product is sold in 8 different colors.

Illuminated Glove
One of the great safety tips in the light or in the dark, it’s flag with the hands where the rider will turn, like the arrow of a vehicle. In the dark, however, it’s hard to see the hand of the rider, right?

Youturnglove, however, this is not a problem. The glove is just a prototype, but the idea is very interesting!

Reflective Buttons
A cheap and easy way to stay visible during the night is using buttons with reflective material. You put the buttons on clothing and, when you get to your destination, just take off! Simple, isn’t it?

Each Spot Me botton retails for $ $5 on Calabasasshopping, but just a PIN and a reflective tape to make a like at home!