Four Cameras: It’s in Google’s Project Tango

The Smartphone that everything looks: With Project Tango, Google developed a new piece of high tech, that on the whole, brings the street-view technique of 3D photography and measurement in a handy format. Now, first details on the used cameras and sensors were tracked down in an entry of the chromium open source project. Read more here.

Equal to four different cameras to in the five-inch device with the working title, Project Tango be installed and work together for the scanning of the environment. Only one of them is an ordinary camera with a resolution of four megapixels. In addition a special camera that shoots for the measurement of the environment with a frequency of five Hertz infrared image.

The two other cameras are so-called field-of-view cams. They have fish eyes eyepieces, with which they can perceive a field of view of each 180 or 120 degrees on the front and on the back of the Smartphone.

Project Tango There is for the Time Being Only for Professional Users

Project Tango prototypes were distributed only to selected companies, researchers and universities. It will be exciting to see what the lucky owners of the futuristic hardware devices want to start. Certainly, many applications are conceivable, but begs the question whether the technology really is optimally at the end in a Smartphone. Just the limited battery life of current mobile phones could cause an abrupt end too fast fun with four cameras.