Found a Vulnerability in Device Samsung That Allows Third Parties to Listen to Phone Calls

In the past few hours has been disclosed a new vulnerability affecting some Samsungdevices. This is an attack man-in-the-middle”conductive with rather modest expenditure, which will have a zero impact on normal consumers but it could be dangerous for your most sensitive information.

Using a base transceiver station (what we commonly refer to as Repeater) software OpenBTS amended ad hoc, a pair of researchers managed to send malicious code to the device’s baseband (the chip that handles voice calls directly); the result is that the calls were diverted to the radio station, allowing a third party to “listen” to the calls made by the affected devices. Once the signal is intercepted, of course, set up a system for recording and broadcast becomes trivial.

By the time the hack was successfully conducted on some devices that use the wireless communications chip set with codename Shannon, used by Samsung as from 2013 in many of its mobile devices (Galaxy series S6 included). The total flow of the problem is still to be analyzed in detail, although, as mentioned, for the regular user of property is actually very low. In any case, the details of the hack were already disclosed to Samsung (and have not been made public), so probably a security patch comes out before some malicious person understands how to screw up.