Forbes Chooses the Best Dressed Athletes

This should have come out of my writing. But no, the list of the best dressed athletes I read it in Mensencia, and could it be anyone but of Forbes, experts in lists. Absolute weakness, seriously.

The number 1, although I do not agree, is for Sean Avery, Player of hockey’s New York Rangers. The number 2 is for David Beckham. When he defended before the FIFA bid for England to host the World Cup was perfect. Number 3 is for Tom Brady, New England Patriots football player. The number 4 is for Baron Davis, Los Angeles Clippers basketball player. Different style, less classical than the previous.

Forbes Chooses the Best Dressed Athletes 1

Based on Cothingexpress, the number 5 is for Luke Donald, professional golfer. I am not at all agree, but it is not my list. The number 6 is for Chris Eubank, former boxer. It squeals to include a former sportsman, but Forbes is so. Roger Federer, the number 7 is my number one always, for them. Elegant on the track, not only in her tennis, but outside of it.

Forbes Chooses the Best Dressed Athletes 2

The number 8 is to LeBron James. Well… Star NBA Media always, Miami Heat player is smarter out of the track. I’m not agree by very cover of Vogue that has been. The number 9 is to Dhani Jones, Cincinnati Bengals football player. Athlete and designer, good mix. And the number 10 is for Henrik Lundqvist, give them New Yor Rangers ice hockey.

Forbes Chooses the Best Dressed Athletes 3

My chosen

I am not going to make a list of the top ten, not keep so many sports, and don’t know the NFL or NHL market as well, so I’ve chosen that I think should be if we did a different list. If you become a little football, forgive me.

  • Roger Federer, insurance.
  • Nacho Figueras, the international polo player and loyal to Ralph Lauren.
  • David Beckham, classic among classics between sport and fashion.
  • José Miguel González Martín de el Campo, Michel. A man who closely impresses by the innate elegance, poise, choice of fashion and magnetism. I will always remember two interviews I had with him, his pink jersery of CH and a blue velvet jacket.
  • One has its weaknesses from the adolescence, and I would like to include a former athlete, former player and ex-coach Jorge Valdano.
  • Another footballer to close a short list, Xabi Alonso. The world champion is always spotless.