First The Galaxy Nexus Accessories Will Reveal by The Network

How has been seen in photos and videos derived from his presentation, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has three small connectors on one side. These connectors, in the style of those who had the Nexus One, offer connect to Accessories most versatile, such as multimedia docks or car stands.

Very shortly after the presentation, in which we any accessory, the American store fixtures Cartronics Accesories saw fleetingly has already hung prices and availability dates for two official accessories that will come with the new smartphone.

We are talking of the multimedia dock, It would cost according to the shop 69 dollars Americans, and the car holder, It would have been a selling price of $50. The store indicates that both accessories are Genuine Samsung Accessory, i.e. original accessories from Samsung, and offers discounts for who make preserves.

The expected date of arrival of the accessories would be the 21 November, It seems a fairly contemporary date to the data given on the launch of the own Galaxy Nexus. Now only remains to be seen the dates of arrival of the terminal in our country, which will come with Vodafone, and if it is possible to purchase these accessories directly, or we will need to pull the network of networks.