First Leaks from The HTC One X 9, Which Aims to Be The New Vessel The Taiwanese Logo

Less than a month after HTC filed the A9, a practically modeled smartphone in design to iPhones but with characteristics of middle-range, and the positive results of income from October in the eyes, Taiwanese appear close to present what It would be a new flagship.

We would be in front of a new HTC One, but not the M10, which would continue the previous saga, if that would not have as last name X 9. The design would be more Android but what we see is that we would be facing a whole beast, since according to the rumors we could see an eight or ten core processor with three or four gigabytes of RAM, in addition to screen 2k and 23 megapixel camera.

Different versions, from 32 gigabytes of memory

In this first round of rumors about the X 9 we find two versions. The first doubt is on the processor, since the debate is between the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 of eight cores or MediaTek helium X 20, 10 cores. There are different versions for the RAM (three or four gigabytes) and the internal memory (a source points to versions of 64 and 128 gigabytes and one to 32 gigabytes), although at least a version of 16 gigs is discarded.

What if they agree all sources is in would have the screen resolution 2 k (without news of its size), in 3500 mAh battery and the nothing despicable cameras, 23 megapixel rear and four ultrapixeles on the front. The design looks metallic, while not missing BoomSouns front speakers seen in other HTC handsets.

Pending that clarification of points as important as processor or memory, although they might also be different variables of a same terminal, HTC seems to be building a smartphone capable of competing with the best phones of other brands. We can then assess whether the X 9 can do that the Taiwanese brand back to the foreground, helping you to improve your results.