Fang Walrus and David Del Rio Autumn/Winter

Fang Walrus and David del Rio they have presented their collections on the catwalk EGO within the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, a platform for young designers. The EGO It is a good way to see and discover the new talent Spanish fashion. Up to there, all right, but after a “young” designers have already paraded on several occasions, it would be great and logical that they have their place on the catwalk mother but most times not so. After that point, we’ll talk about collections of two brands that come stomping Fang Walrus and David del Rio.

The walrus tusk

The pair of designers presented a collection, ‘Cactus roads’, very correct and dynamic in the EGO. Colors salmon, grey and mustard merge into fabrics such as chiffon, silk and mainly leather. Monkeys with round necklines, light and long skirts, shorts and skirts of leather tops a very youthful and current collection.

His designs for man are casual While remaining elegant.

David del Rio

David del Rio, Galician Designer, has paraded for the first time in EGO with an inspired collection in the crazy twenties. For women it reinterprets a very feminine silhouette with silks and transparencies. Coats embroidered with hair inside, blazer with lapels embroidered with sequins and flowers as a supplement to round off a very French-style collection.

Mens shows riskier designs with trousers and jackets of bright leather, embroidered coats and suits accessories female velvet jacket.

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