Fake Leather Skirt With Sweater Or Seduction At Valentin

♥Actually, the seduction should be my topic today. I mean, it just fits perfectly to Valentin. Love, love, temptation-if that does not have a place for Valentin, then I do not know either.

But it is how it is and how it is, is exemplary for relationships that are beyond the first rosarote infatuation and children in the game. Then I know exactly where the expression art of seduction comes from. Then there is space for the seduction, namely, really an art.

Lardy Love Declaration

I like to be with my husband. He is simply a very great person in many small and big things. We laugh at the same things, and he is a father to our children, as one can only wish for. Besides, he reads to me every, okay almost every wish from the eyes. Infinitely grateful I am that he carries all my crazy ideas with me. I mean, let’s just take this blog-without him it would not be possible. Honestly, I’m already afraid that somebody will get rid of him, because he even with me before the lens so great pictures. But this post should not be a nasty love declaration to my husband. (You know that anyway … gell treasure ?!)

Art Of Seduction

Actually it was about Valentine’s Day and the art of seduction, and I just wanted to get rid of it being a total shame to wait for that one day to say or show how much one of the partner means. Especially in long-term relationships one should use every damn minute to tell each other how much one loves oneself. For that you do not need a bouquet of roses and also no fat clunks (I take gifts, of course, nevertheless… ;-)). This is said constantly and inflationarily, in the morning, at noon, in the evening and in every damn news you write, it is also in it …

Otto, Montezuma And Paul Bocuse

It is really a total shame to wait for a certain day, my current case proves… We have a visit to Otto, the fleets and Montezuma he has also. The two fellows make it really cozy and with the art of seduction they have as much to do as my cooking with Paul Bocuse. The cheerful baggage of my son was invited, who has accepted it and has been dealing with them since then. I almost want to say that he is turning his innermost core outward. He is really an excellent host and takes care of his guests, even though they really behave themselves.

Fake Leather Skirt And Sweater

So much for Valentine-when a 9-year-old has a colic-like abdominal pain in the 20-minute-time and spends a lot of time in the quiet place, then many things come up-but everything has certainly nothing to do with seduction. As good as we’ve done the Valentines Reward shoot before, my new coat gets a lead role, even if it does not look like it.  In this respect, the theme still gets a bit of room in my valentine’s post and my third rock outfit also. The look with fake leather skirt and sweater showing on physicscat.com is waiting quite a while for its release-very well recognizable by the snow, which hopefully will be spared for the rest of the winter. But for the rock week I found the outfit just super fitting, so the pictures still had to wait in the virtual drawer. The thing goes without pants still further, an outfit (or maybe two) I would like to still show. I wish you a relaxing Sunday and a lovely Valentines Day.