Facebook Ads Are Far More Cost-Effective in IOS Than on Android

Advertising is more profitable in iOS to Android, or at least that is the conclusion that has been extracted from a study conducted by one of the most important companies in the purchase of Facebook ads, which has analyzed about 200,000 million of ads that appeared in the Facebook application for mobile platforms.

So, they claim that the profits that are generated is much higher in the Apple platform, 1.790% higher that on Android, even cost more advertising than the repayment received by it.

The study was conducted taking into account varied shopping ads, and it seems that even retailers have received better among viewers of iOS who among Android.

Data that have been published do not leave doubt as earnings per click is more than 6 times higher in iOS to Android, and the return on the investment becomes nearly 18 times higher.

However, the reasons for such damning statistics, leaving only cold data have not been investigated. Nor do we know what kind of ads were shown on each platform or in what conditions, and although one could speak of many motivations, it would always be on a speculative basis.

We believe most logical to not enter into the debate without having all the premises on the table, although Yes we see useful to bring you the news and to discuss possible motives with you. Do you think you this devastating statistics?