Expired: Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini With Allnet-Flat Only 17,85 Eur Per Month!

Only 17,85 €: S5 mini + call flat + backup 500 MB now exclusive offer until 31 December 2015. Here is the smartest Smartphone offer tariff by 2015: you pay only 17,85 EUR per month for the fare and get the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini mini price plus call & surf-flat! Clear mobile and our site make possible s image now for all readers. You read here what you need to know about the smart price.

The Klarmobil-action rate

So cheap you anywhere else come to a top Smartphone including call and surf-Flatrate still in the Vodafone network with its great UMTS coverage, as well as the best voice quality of in Germany (see Our site power test). Because the one-time payment for the allnet-savings-flat, you ever save 19.95 euro. You get a flat in all German networks (mobile and landline) and 500 MB data volume per month for browsing for it up to 21.6 Mbps (UMTS-tempo). 9 cent cost SMS per message. The tariff has a duration of 24 months.

The allnet-savings-flat of Klarmobil.de in overview

Network / tariff Vodafone (D net) / allnet-savings-flat shop Klarmobil.de exclusively for Our site calls included (in all German networks – mobile and landline) SMS 9 cents per message inclusive data volume 500 megabytes per month (prerequisite: activation of the SIM card up to 31.12.2015.) Later when just 250 megabytes per month) surfing speed 21.6 Mbps for UMTS (after a need volume of included in the: 64 kbps) one-off connection fee (instead of €19,95) monthly fee (25 month 19.85 euros per month and 250 MB of data per month) 17,85 euro minimum term 24 months notice period up to three months to the end of the minimum term. You will find the contact for the termination on the invoice. One-time purchase price Samsung Galaxy S5 mini 9.95 euro (market price: 189 euro)

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini to the flat

You pay in the first 24 months monthly 17,85 euro together with the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. For the model you pay 9,95 euro once.

After the expiry of the minimum term

If you continue use the flat rate after 24 months, this will cost you then 19.85 euros per month. You have to pay nothing for your Galaxy Smartphone then of course. The data volume is then 250 megabytes per month. A cancellation is possible up to three months to the end of the minimum term. But, you must keep your Galaxy. If you do not cancel, the tariff is extended by 12 months. It costs per month then 19.85 euros.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini in detail

So save the Klarmobil Flat