Expired: New O2 Network Test And Top Mobile Phone With LTE Rate Clear

Test in 60 cities & surroundings

Our site and O2 make 60 readers exclusive testers in 60 large and small cities in Germany. In the last phase, there are ten cities you can see in the map above. By the way: The applications of all rounds until to the end in the selection of who is not selected as a tester, has the opportunity to travel and high-quality Apple devices worth over 5.455 euros. In early December

Your test equipment

For each round, O2 provides 10 SIM cards with monthly 3 gigabyte including volume and LTE plus different top smartphones available. In this round there are even the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, twice the Sony Xperia Z5 and twice the Huawei P8 four times the iphone 6 S, once the iphone 6 S plus. To every Smartphone there is O2 blue-all-in-L-flat rate three gigabyte including volume and ten to twelve months run time (blocked roaming), the usually 39.99 Euro monthly costs. After a year, you can request the flat rate charge continue.

60 network testers wanted: apply now! Just call your town and favorite application on the mobile phone.

The tester on COMPUTER network diary image

COMPUTER use image exclusively Tester as and test the O2 network 12 months free. In the first five weeks you must at least twice a week the results of your testing tasks and photos when testing and descriptions of Our site send.

Out old make new: The O2 Network Diary

All details in the diary

Like the new network is suitable for everyday use? Is getting enough Internet speed available? How does the new O2 network as compared to the previous O2 and E-plus networks? In the O2 network diary COMPUTER reported image in a live report by end of 2015 constantly about the test. Also in the printed magazine, COMPUTER reported image since issue 17/2015 in every second issue.

Chance events and Apple devices for all readers

Whether of exclusive network tester or not: all candidates participate automatically in six special drawings and the Big Apple giveaway to the completion of the network test. A unique event trip for two is drawn in each of the six network test rounds. Target of the surprise trip is both a top-class top event including flights, tickets and two nights at a hotel. In the last round, it’s for you and a companion to the breathtaking show Nitro circus live in Zurich, including flights and two nights in a double room! This trip will be raffled on the 2nd December 2015. In the final draw, high-quality Apple devices are allocated to 1 December 2015 among all candidates: a Apple Watch (stainless steel bracelet), an iphone 6 plus 128 GB with 24 months O2 blue-Allin-XL-flat, a macbook gold (256 GB), a mini ipad (64 GB) 3 air 2 (Wi-Fi, 128 GB) and an ipad.

60 network testers wanted: apply now! Just call your town and favorite application on the mobile phone.

The new O2 network: the cards are reshuffled

In the German mobile market creates a new giant: Telefonica, the parent company of mobile operator O2, bought E-plus. Since may 2015, the UMTS networks of former competitors are already merged. Thus the new O2 network has now more UMTS base stations as Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone has also less will be primarily in cities affect.

A new network, many well-known brands

Automatically E-Plus customers and customers of all brands of both networks use the new network in addition to O2 if necessary: Tchibo and Fonic (O2 network) as well as Aldi talk, Simyo (E-Plus) and blue. Also the many brands of discount provider Drillisch Smartmobil, globe, Maxxim, simply or Yourfone (via Drillisch in the O2 network) have been the party fusion in the new O2 network on the go.

See the interactive Google maps map all 60 participating cities. The cities, which deadline ends on 20 December 2015 are marked in red. For the grey marked cities our site already has the O2 network tester selected.