Everything You Need To Know To Buy The Perfect Sports Bra

The wrong size can cause injury or even lead to a broken chest. A NiT reporter went shopping and shows her, step by step, how to make the right choice.

Before going to the gym or going jogging, there is a cross-dressing struggle for all women: wear the sports bra. He walks around the room, jolts almost to the living room, all this just to get inside the “damn.” It’s almost a pre-workout. But, out of jokes, this is only because we’ve probably screwed up and bought the wrong size. And this is just annoying? No. It can even cause problems.

The chest area is extremely sensitive to women. During physical exercise, the care should be redoubled. Let’s start with the basics: an inappropriate bra makes us feel uncomfortable, so we inevitably end up paying less attention to training. This everybody knows. The problem is that it gets worse: the wrong size can also lead to the onset of pain or even cause a broken chest-that is, sagging.

Joana Ribeiro, Expert Running at the Pro Runner store in Lisbon’s Parque das Nações, explains that “day-to-day fabrics are usually made of cotton and if we used them for sports, we would get soaked and the seams themselves Friction. On the other hand, in sports bras, the seams are moldable so that we do not feel them and have very breathable fabrics.”

Did you know that when you ask for the number below the cup has to increase and vice versa? When we feel that size is too wide, for example, we can not simply ask for the number below.To choose the right sports bra, there are a number of steps you should follow. But take a deep breath: it only costs first.

Click the image above to see step-by-step all you need to do to buy the perfect sports bra.


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