EU to Telcos: Put the Price down

If not the European telecommunications companies at the latest 1. July 2014 bring prices down, the EU will force them.

International calls in Europe to be cheaper, and in the long term it should cost the same to make a foreign calls in Europe, as it costs to call locally in Denmark.

The EU Commissioner has created a draft digital future telecommunications legislation in Europe, which among other things contains regulation of prices, where telecommunications organizations do not even inform in, writes our site, which has gained insight into the draft law.

With the new law, it should cost the same, to make voice calls or use data in the whole of Europe, without consumers being charged high roaming rates.

Telecommunications companies will be obliged to offer at least one subscription, where the price is the same in the home country and the rest of Europe.

-“If they are not themselves have figured it out within a year, then we will make a law that simply must make up with the usury rates, which will be taken on both the data transfer, but also mobile telephony,” said Jens Rohde, who is the Liberal Party’s member of the European Parliament and the Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Industry Committee for radio news.