Eric Schmidt Says That Motorola Is in The Oven a Series of Products “Phenomenal”

With many fabric by cutting about Motorola, the truth is that Google had to move with respect to the American manufacturer of phones, which after being acquired by the search engine company had not found its way in the Android market.

At the moment only promises, and it is that Motorola X Phone is still an open question, but it seems that Eric Schmidt does not skimp on praise for feeding the hype around the new range of smartphones from Motorola.

The words of the former CEO of Google leave no doubt:

Motorola has a new series of products I’ve seen that they are phenomenal.

In addition, continues by adding that with the continued fall in industry prices should…:

…wait and see this new generation of technology is very impressive. Think about these devices as phones plus (+).

Obviously, no direct reference nin no concrete data on X Phone or other devices, Although it seems that Google is determined to promote the return of Motorola through the front door.

It remains to be seen if the Google I/o 2013 confirms us something of all this, and also we should expect to see the plans that Google has with the old continent, since Motorola has abandoned several markets in Europe months ago.