Eric Schmidt: “Android Phones Are a Great Christmas Gift for Users of IPhone”

Approaching the Christmas season, manufacturers know this. With all products already well-positioned on the shelves or on the verge of doing so, it begins the final sprint to sell many more best pots before the end of the year.

Android has a large presence in the world, with an 80% share, but in key markets as the United States is not so great. This that is why Eric Schmidt has decided to intervene to recommend giving Android users of iPhone, with a tutorial How to make the leap.

“As people who moved from PC to Mac and never returned, you pass the iPhone to Android and will never return.”

In a post through your page in Google Plus, the President of the company (or some other employee on their behalf), brings a small guide on how migrate essential services such as mail and contacts from one platform to another, step by step and in detail.

We also found other details on how to get our music from iTunes to Google Play Music, or advice as “make sure you use Chrome, not Safari; It is safer and better in many ways”and”use authentication in two steps to your Gmail and Google account”.

Certainly some less controversial statements, added to which is the assertion that phones like the Nexus 5 or the S4 Galaxy have improved screens, are faster and have more intuitive than iPhone interfaces. Of course, everything is debatable however one thing: This will make it accessible to a complete step by step guide of how to make the leap to Android to many iPhone users, continuing on the path of free advertising that Google is enthusiast, at a key time of the year.