Elegant & Amp; Flashy Outfit in Large Sizes

Plus size outfit in bright orange or flagrant pink – best but one outfit in large sizes with a combination of two colors. For me a challenge.

If you’re following our blog and once in a while look our outfit inspiration, then you will have found certainly, that I am more the woman for the “quieter” outfits. But this time something loud, something flashy had something elegant times. I have also find browsing our Web site . Since it jumped me formally in the eye – which is not really difficult at this color combination. The dress with floral lace Manon Baptist in a fantastic colour combination. Exactly the right thing for my plus size outfit for the evening in the chic restaurant with subsequent nocturnal stroll through the historic centre of Olbia. I was really looking forward to the plus size dress. Length, fit, material, feel… my thing? Or maybe just a dress that looks fantastic on the screen, I feel but not really good?

My Outfit In Large Sizes For The Elegant Appearance

Then it finally happened. Full of excitement, I opened the package from navabi and was thrilled by the sight of the dress in the bold color combination. Also, the dress has an incredibly nice grip. The dress is made from a slightly thicker satin fabric and the tip about it is pleasantly soft. What is total class find the slightly thicker lining of the large sizes is dress as women can hide already the one or the other pads or woman must wear shapewear not necessarily under the dress. An absolute advantage in warm summer nights or dancing nights :). The cut of the dress in plus size is perfect at least for my figure. It caresses my curves without constricting and tweak and has also still exactly the right length.

A Dress For Special Occasions For Office

The versatility of the dress is super. Combined with a chic denim jacket and nude ballerinas is a nice casual outfit that I can wear in the Office at any time. If I then get pumps or how at my outfit inspiration combine a pair of sandals with Rhinestone studded in a shimmering gold to do so, I equal to an elegant outfit in large sizes.

The lace dress in plus size has now got a permanent place in my closet. And not back in the corner, but quite far forward.