Electronic Stabilized Source for CCTV-Security Cameras

The Electronic Source may be used in any model of camera. It is compact and fits nicely on a ruler of outlets. It is ideal to install next to the camera and to those who use power cables. Has a special filter against interference in the image and a system of protection against electrical shock.

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Personal speaking, welcome to the Club, I’m CCTV Everton, and I made this video to show you, an electronic source for camera according to ENTERTAINMENTDNS.COM.

This electronic source, 12 volt source for 1 ampere, is the most marketed between the installers of CCTV, is usually that they more use. Is an electronic source, is a similar font with your cell phone charger, is a 12-volt source for 1 ampere, is a source a little bit stronger, precisely, is a source for camera ready. Generally infrared cameras, which are the most common cameras nowadays, we put a source of that for each camera. Second, if you follow the manual specification of the camera, you will see that there have camera that says, 250 milliamp, has other coming written 500 milliamps, 680. What we recommend, and what good practice is recommended, a source of that for each camera, i.e. 12 volts, 1 amp for each camera, why?

You have to take into account, that the infra-red camera will ascend, that suddenly the infrared leds this camera are bigger intensity leds, and consequently they have a higher power consumption, you also have to take into account the quality of the cable that was used to install this camera if it is a cable of copper or aluminum cable. The footage of the cable, the cable thing that was used, all this out, we usually talk about stealing, offers resistance to the flow of energy, and it is legal to install with left over, you can see it is a cheap source, in the budget of a camera installed, it represents very little, I think less than 10%. So it pays to put one of these for each camera. There are people who take risks to put more, put two cameras for this source, but we recommend that be placed one for each camera.

Well, the font is that source here, exactly the font you can see in the picture there, is that source here, okay? Is a very good source, is a steady source, she has a filter against interference in the image, she’s safe, that source here, she has a led that indicates when it is on, he usually stays on. If you arrive at the facility and has a camera erased, and the source is burned, it is possible that this led is burnt, it becomes easier to identify this font comes with the rabixo ready for you, you can put directly there on camera, or you can put an adapter if you are using a power cable power cable, send the , is a very good source.

This video is more for show, that is, because sometimes pictured the person is in doubt, don’t understand, and the US showing makes it easy. This source that you will buy, is this source that is in the ad, is a very good source, it is guaranteed, you can buy quiet, and is the source installation companies use and that you can use in your system, ok? So that’s it guys, I hope of course, I hope that you buy this product for use in your sintema. Thanks guys and until the next video.